Samesies is a blog that was made by three people-Alex Carman, Dave Geeting, and Sophie Curtis (pus-eye). The basis of the blog is this; "A project started to highlight how different people can essentially take the same pictures." Its a fun and amusing blog to check out, and funny in my opinion. I was interested how the idea came about and how people were reacting to it so I did a short interview with Dave.

Itchy Eyee: First off- How did you, alex, and sophie meet? and how did you guys come
up with the idea? and who first came up with the idea and how did the
rest of you get invloved?

Dave: I've known Sophie through the internet for a little while now, she
co-curates the PUS-EYE blog with this dude Simon Nunn; it looks really
badass and I can't say I've ever seen any bullshit art on there.
Probably because they are fucking awesome image makers themselves and
naturally have good taste. I met Alex through flickr, I was looking at
one of Lewis Chaplin's photos and Alex commented on it saying that he
had taken an almost identical photograph recently. He said something
like "I'm tempted to start a group called Samesies where we can showcase
photographic coincidences." I commented under him saying that I fully
supported the idea. The group was made, then we realized it looked kinda
wack and there was no rhyme or reason to the images people were adding.
Alex made the blog to add some order to things, and somehow Sophie got
involved, probably via Facebook chat or something incredibly impersonal
like that. The internet is a weird place.

Itchy Eyee: Are you guys trying to make a statement about how the subjects of these
photos show how something that seemed unique at some point in time, now
are unoriginal and worn out ideas? or did you guys just start noticing,
"holy shit, this photo looks exactly like that photo by so&so and that
persons photo looks like so&so's and so&so's. This is a good idea for a

Dave: I don't know if we are saying either of those things, haha. It surely
wasn't meant to upset anybody, though some people have actually been
insulted by us putting their images on there. I think that shit is
hilarious! Personally, I would say the point of Samesies is to show how
two different photographs with the exact same intention are made
incredibly different and unique from one another. The magic happens in
that strange period between visualizing how your real life situation
will look once it is translated into an image, and the actual photograph
that is made from it. A whole lot of people have the same views about
shit, they just express them in different ways.

Now go check it out! Also check out Dave Geeting's blog seeing is stealing, which is the bee's knees, here.

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